MIKE wavelength range adjustment

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MIKE wavelength range adjustment

Brief description of how to adjust wavelength range on MIKE

Wavelength adjustment of the Echelle is adjusted by means of 2 screw gauges and associated micrometers on each of the two cameras (Red and Blue). One adjusts position in elevation, the other in azimuth in each case.

On the red camera (most frequently adjusted), the azimuth adjuster is on the dome-side of the instrument. The elevation micrometer is found on the underside of the instrument. See figure below. Ask Instrument Specialist if in doubt as to the location of adjustment screws.

  • For the blue side, the adjusters are similarly located, but on the telescope side.
  • Azimuth adjustment corresponds to shift purely in x on the chip; Elevation to y.
  • Standard settings:
    Red: Az=0.474 ; El=0.380 ; orders=37-70 ; wavelength=9300-4900 Å
    Blue: Az=0.346 ; El=0.540 ; orders=71-106 ; wavelength=5000-3350 Å
  • An azimuth adjustment of 10 microns corresponds to ~1 order shift.
  • Up to 7 orders can be gained in the red (tuning down 70 microns).
  • Calibration is done by eye. Set the micrometer values, then return to the control room. Take a ~10s exposure of the Internal ThAr lamp, using the MIKE remote control touch panel. Compare results with the MIKE ThAr atlas online

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