Magellan Instruments

Magellan 1 - Baade Telescope

Magellan 2 - Clay Telescope

  • MIKE
    The Magellan Inamori Kyocera Echelle (MIKE) is a high-throughput double echelle spectrograph. See technical specifications.
  • LDSS3
    The Low Dispersion Survey Spectrograph (LDSS3-C) is a high efficiency, wide-field multislit spectrograph. See technical specifications.
    Megacam is a large mosaic CCD camera with a 24' x 24' field-of-view. The camera uses 36 2048 x 4608 pixel CCDs with a scale of 0.08"/pixel. Megacam is operated in campaign mode at the f/5 CASS focus. See technical specifications.
Other Instruments