LCO Team Leaders

Dr. Leopoldo Infante

Director and Legal Representative
☏ 56-51-2207317

Dr. David Osip

Associate Director
☏ 56-51-2207314

Dr. Mark Phillips

Emeritus Director
☏ 56-51-2207313

Dr. Guillermo Blanc

Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives for Carnegie Observatories and  Las Campanas

Dr. Povilas Palunas

Telescope Scientist, Day Operations Lead
☏ 56-51-2203612

Dr. Francesco di Mille

Operations Scientist, Night Operations Lead
☏ 56-51-2207315

Dr. Daniel Briones

People and Administration Manager
☏ 56-51-2207332

Marcelo Rodríguez

Mountain Manager
☏ 56-51-2203660

Max Aguilar

General Service Lead
☏ 56-51-2203629

Lionel Zumarán

IT Manager
☏ 56-51-2207325

Catherina Ramírez

Chief of Budget Management Control and Accounting officer
☏ 56-51-2207316

Carol Rojas

Communication and outreach officer
☏ 56-51-2207316

Carlos Martin Caselli