Charges for services at LCO

Visitors are responsible for charges incurred during their stay at LCO. Values for charges are updated on a yearly basis.

(Last modified:  May 25, 2019)

Charges for services are given in Chilean pesos (CLP) and converted to US$ at the daily rate.  (Click here for the current exchange rate.)

Item Charge
Room & Board on Mountain CLP 90,400 per night
Transportation (return trip) CLP 100,000
La Serena Motel Room CLP  50,000  per night
Courier for Visa Invitation Letters CLP 25,000
Masks for Multi-Object Spectrographs IMACS: CLP 110,000
GISMO: CLP 55,000
LDSS3 & WFCCD: CLP 20,000