Charges for services at LCO

Visitors are responsible for charges incurred during their stay at LCO. Values for charges are updated on a yearly basis.

(Last modified:  March 30, 2023) (mask fees updated 01 November 2023)

Charges for services are given in Chilean pesos (CLP) and converted to US$ at the daily rate.  (Click here for the current exchange rate.)

Item Charge
Room & Board on Mountain CLP 116,000 per night
Transportation (return trip) CLP 130,000
La Serena Motel Room CLP  64,000  per night
Courier for Visa Invitation Letters CLP 32,000
Lunch (per person) CLP 13,000
Masks for Multi-Object Spectrographs IMACS: CLP 568,750
GISMO: CLP 65,625
LDSS3: CLP 26,250 (when cut from old stock at position 4 as specified in LDSS3 Updates page)