Las Campanas Observatory Exposure Time Calculator

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Slit Spectroscopy Fiber Spectroscopy Direct Imaging Instrument Specific ETCs

Target Spectral Template   Target AB Magnitude   Target AB Magnitude Filter

Add Emission Line   Line Wavelenght [A]   Line Flux [erg/(s cm^2)]   Line FWHM [A]

Instrumental Setup Telescope   Instrument   Instrument Mode   Slit Width [arcsec]

Binning Spatial Direction   Binning Spectral Direction

Observing Conditions Days from New Moon   Airmass   Seeing FWHM [arcsec]

Exposure and Extraction Parameters Single Frame Exposure Time [seconds]   Number of Exposures to Coadd   Extraction Aperture [arcsec]

It takes about 10 seconds... be patient.

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