MIKE – Updates

MIKE – Updates


As of Nov 26th a new version of the MIKE GUI (version 0051) is running on guanaco. The bug causing the issue with the header keywords has been fixed.

swapped keywords

The MIKE GUI v0049 was running on guanaco on the dates between Nov 18th and Nov 25th. However we found a bug in the format/value of the header keywords ‘UT-START’ and ‘LC-START’ that are causing issues with the CarPy pipeline. In order to fix those header keywords, a quick solution has been implemented which replaces the bad keyword values with proper values from ‘UT-TIME’ and ‘LC-TIME’ keywords, as they should be exactly the same. This is a temporary work around, but mandatory if you want to run the official MIKE pipeline (CarPy). An updated version of the MIKE GUI, fixing this bug, will be available as soon as possible.

In order to fix the keywords, you may use the fix_keywords.py script and do the following:

$ cp fix_keywords.py /path_to_your_data_to_be_fixed/
$ cd /path_to_your_data_to_be_fixed/
$ python fix_keywords.py

ADC available

As of July 27th (2021) the ADC is offered again for MIKE operations.

ADC not to be used

As of May 3rd (2021) the ADC will not be available for MIKE operations. Due to a hardware issue, ADC behaviour is not reliable and it cannot be offered for science operations. We are currently working on replacing the faulty parts.

ADC status

At the start of Clay operations (April 20, 2021) the ADC is still demonstrating some erratic behaviour. At time, it gets misaligned which leads to suppressed flux, especially in the blue channel. It is highly recommended to obtain at twilight a standard star with and without the ADC to check behaviour. At low airmass the flux with and without the ADC should be comparable and at high airmass the flux with the ADC should be higher than the flux without the ADC when you are using a slit <1″. If you see unexpected flux losses with the ADC at low airmass, it means that the ADC is not properly aligned and it should not be used for the night. In that case, please also include the information in your night report.

ADC installation: 

In March 27-28, 2019, an ADC has been installed in the NASE guider and can be used with MIKE. 

Characterisation of the system with the ADC is still pending

There is an ADC GUI that can be controlled by the observers, who can decide whether they need it inserted or detracted. When the ADC is inserted. shadows could be detected in the SH, depending on which camera is being used. Please ask the IS for more information about the use of the ADC GUI. 

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