Seminar on Chile’s Astronomical Heritage came to an end

"Past, present and future" was the name of the last webinar of the seminar "Astronomical Heritage of Chile", held on October 18, 2021 through the zoom platform, with live streaming through the Youtube channel of the Las Campanas Observatory and the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Valparaiso. 

The seminar had three sessions (The First Observatory, Pillars of Current Astronomy and Past, Present and Future) and was co-organized by the Altura Patrimonio Foundation, the Senate Extension Center, the Chilean Society of History and Geography, the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Valparaiso, and Las Campanas Observatory.

The objective of this webinar was to reflect on the different expressions of astronomical heritage, exploring the past, present and future of this science in the country.

The session began with a presentation by Dr. Luis Chavarría, who was recently appointed representative of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile. After the introduction, the event was divided into three parts. Archaeologist Dr. Ricardo Moyano spoke about the past of astronomy, addressing the local archaeoastronomical heritage, to give an account of the instrumental role of the landscape in astronomical observation in the past.

On the other hand, the astronomer Dr. Monica Rubio, winner of the National Exact Sciences Award 2021, spoke about the present, addressing the observatories and the science carried out from them as a world-class scientific heritage. 

Finally, astronomer Dr. Guillermo Blanc, Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Carnegie and Las Campanas Observatories, addressed the future of astronomy in the country, focusing on the problem of light pollution.

The three sessions of the seminar "Astronomical Heritage of Chile" were transmitted live through the Youtube channel of Las Campanas Observatory, being available for future reproduction. 


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