Release 31032023

Dear LCO Community,

Following the indications of the LCO crisis and reopening committees, the management has decided to modify our COVID-19 protocols. All of them will be effective as of 1 April 2023.

International visitors will only have to undergo an antigen test before entering our premises. There is no obligation to repeat the test. Also, the "bubble mode" is eliminated for them, and they will be allowed to use LCO vehicles upon presenting a negative antigen test. In the case of visitors with an external vehicle, they will be able to take the antigen test in the Mountain Paramedic Box.

In addition, capacity limits on vehicles and facilities, deferred meal times, and the mandatory use of masks in kitchen areas have been eliminated. However, the sanitary obligation to handle food with a mask and the use of a mask in the Paramedic Box will be maintained.

We will maintain the daily health declarations and the pre-mountain antigen test for LCO staff and national visitors, and masks will be available at different observatory points.

Finally, for legal reasons, COVID insurance will continue for all LCO staff.

Leopoldo Infante
Director Las Campanas Observatory

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