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Today, the Ministerio de Salud delivered a new balance sheet regarding the situation in Chile due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the total number of people infected is 8,807, while the number of people who have died from this disease is 105. In the Coquimbo Region the number of infections remains low compared to other regions. Today, according to the Regional Government, there are 212 suspicious cases and the results of the examinations of 144 people are awaited. In addition, there are 9 recovered in the region and no deaths.

In IV Region, the provisions of Exempt Resolution No. 10 of the JDN are maintained, which affects freedom of movement in the area until further notice. This means that all persons living in the region must maintain their habitual residence and indefinitely. That is, they are requested to avoid moving to other homes unless this is done for work purposes.

In addition, since April 10 all those who circulate in public spaces in the commune of Coquimbo must do so wearing a mask, whether they do so on foot, by public or private transport. This rule will apply until the State of Constitutional Exception of Catastrophe is maintained in the country.

Today, the government announced that the use of masks will be required throughout the country for those who travel on public and private transportation, in elevators and in cases where there are more than 10 people gathered. This Friday, April 17, the President of the Republic will refer to this measure.

Due to all of the above, Las Campanas Observatory will remain closed until May 19, so we will continue with reduced shifts with only critical personnel, both in El Pino and in the mountains. A decision on the next steps will be made on May 1 and we are currently working on a coordinated inter-area plan for reopening. To define the date, we are waiting for the information received from the authorities, both local and national.

While the observatory remains closed, we ask you to continue coordinating with your telecourses and to actively participate in the videoconference meetings that will be organized.

On the other hand, I would like to remind you that all LCO workers have Labor Certificates, which accredit this condition in case it is required by the authority. The digital version of these certificates is available at

If you need more information about this pandemic, the Government has launched software that allows you to access information regarding COVID-19, notify if someone is violating a quarantine, receive official information and how to obtain safe conduct, and contact official channels. This application, called "CoronApp", can be downloaded here for Android and here for IOS.

I thank you for the support and participation we have had from all the workers at the Las Campanas Observatory. Thanks to you we have been able to work remotely and maintain exceptional shifts. I thank you for your collaboration in these difficult times and your great willingness to bring out the best in everyone to overcome this situation.

I hope that all of you and your families will be very well and stay healthy. In the event that anyone develops symptoms of COVID-19, please contact me or contact the People Manager, Mr. Daniel Briones, to discuss each case.

Best regards,

Leopoldo Infante Lira

Director Observatorio Las Campanas


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