Release 20200316

Dear collaborators,

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 outbreak, the observatory's management has chosen to adopt the following emergency measures, which aim to increase social distancing, protect our staff over 60, and decrease the risk of contagion:

LCO operations are reduced to a minimum for a period of at least 14 days, which will be re-evaluated each week. This reduction takes effect tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17.

For El Pino y Montaña, the procedure is as follows:


  • Change in shift beginning Tuesday, March 17. Outgoing shift goes down normally. Incoming shift is reduced to an essential group of 8 people (3 technical group, 2 maintenance, 2 general services, 1 paramedic)

SHIFT MEETING: 9AM (via remote connection)


  • Night of March 16 is the last night of observation on Carnegie-Magellan telescopes
  • The rest of the staff of the incoming shift remains in home office mode performing tasks remotely. In case you need a computer, please contact your direct bosses.
  • The duration of each shift is maintained, as well as the day of shift change.
  • Those who come up must apply the protocol that will be sent today. Paramedics will perform a medical evaluation upon arrival at El Pino for the shift change. A form will also be requested to evaluate the risk of contagion during rest days.
  • For those who make up the 8-person shift that remains in the mountains, we ask that emphasis be placed on preventive measures. Avoid physical contact, sit at least 3 feet apart (seat in between), constantly clean surfaces and common areas with disposable chlorine towels, and wash hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Heads will go up weekly to check the state of the situation in the mountains.

El Pin0:

  • Minimum staff: 1 day watchman, 1 night watchman once a week, at least 1 person from accounting to make closings and sign checks.
  • The rest of the staff of El Pino will operate in home office mode. Inform their direct headquarters in case they need to move computers to perform their duties.
  • The El Pino staff that must be present in person, must undergo a symptom control at the beginning of their working day, as indicated in the protocol that will be sent today.

We expect the understanding and collaboration of all members of our staff. Our priority is the health of everyone and our families. We ask that you respect the quarantine and be aware of any updates regarding this situation.


Leopoldo Infante Lira

Director Observatorio Las Campanas

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