LabMóvil arrives in Antofagasta to participate in Puerto de Ideas

For the third consecutive year, Las Campanas Observatory of the Carnegie Institution for Science, LCO, was part of the Science Walk of the Puerto de Ideas Festival, which takes place every year during April in Antofagasta, Chile. More than 7,000 people participated in this version, between Thursday 20 and Sunday 24.

The 2023 edition corresponds to the tenth edition of the Festival, in which LCO participated together with the Giant Magellan Telescope with the LabMóvil "Conciencia Astronomía" and the Mobile Planetarium. Both institutions worked together to bring science, particularly astronomy, to school and family audiences.



At the LabMobile, interactive activities were carried out to explain how telescopes collect light and work with it to discover the mysteries of the universe. In addition, talks were given on the importance of astronomy in Chile and the important role of the Carnegie Observatories in this subject. On the other hand, in the Mobile Planetarium, participants enjoyed 360-degree films about the solar system and our galaxy.

"With these activities, we aim to bring and promote astronomy to all audiences, adults and children, highlight the relevance of science and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our skies from light pollution," says Leopoldo Infante, Director of Las Campanas Observatory.

On Thursday and Friday the activity was focused on a school audience, with around 3300 young people participating on both days. On the weekend, the event was for families, and around 4000 people participated. In total, more than 7,000 people were reached.

In previous years, LCO had participated online and in person, presenting a virtual tour through its facilities, conducting inclusive workshops and workshops on the LabMóvil.

The Puerto de Ideas festival is presented together with Escondida BH and a new version is expected in Antofagasta in April 2024.

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