Observer Guidelines OLD

The Magellan Telescopes are operated in a 100% "classical" mode where the visiting astronomer is physically present and responsible for data acquisition. The operations staff is not designed to provide significant support to visiting astronomers at night, so it is expected that observers will be experienced and self-sufficient. The following guidelines must therefore be strictly adhered to.

TSIP Observers

It is understood that TSIP observers will require some support at the telescope the afternoon of the first night of their run, and during the first hour or two of the first night. Nevertheless, TSIP observers should comply with the following guidelines:

  • Observers must be experienced at using modern optical and/or IR instrumentation on large telescopes. If not, then they should be accompanied by someone with such experience.
  • Manuals and cookbooks (if appropriate) should be read completely before arriving at the observatory. Questions should be directed to the instrument P.I. via e-mail.
  • Observers should arrive at the telescope at least one night early to see the telescope (and instrument, if the schedule permits) in operation.

Non-TSIP Observers

  • Inexperienced observers must be accompanied by experienced ones
  • Experienced observers who have used the telescopes but not the scheduled instrument should:
    1. Thoroughly read the instrument manual and cookbooks (if appropriate), and correspond with the instrument P.I. should questions arise.
    2. Arrive at the telescope at least one night early to see the telescope and instrument in operation if the schedule permits, or
    3. Bring an experienced observer with them if they are unable to see the instrument in operation before their run.
The cooperation of all observers is requested in following these simple guidelines. Those who don't risk the possibility of not being allowed to return for future runs.