Chief of Budget Management Control and Accounting Officer

Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) of the Carnegie Institution for Science - a World-class International Scientific Organization, is seeking a:

Chief of Budget Management Control and Accounting Officer

 We are looking for a fully bilingual engineer (fluency in Spanish and English) with a degree or specialization in Budget Management to lead our Budget Management and Accounting Department.

The ideal candidate should have at least five years of experience in budget control, management, and accounting in either public or private organizations. Demonstrated leadership and communication skills. Proven impact and influencing skills are key to advancing corporate goals.

To apply, please send your resume to the following email address. Make sure to include your desired salary range in CLP. . Only electronic applications submitted through this email will be considered. 

Application review will begin on March 03, 2024.

Job description

Its purpose is to carry out budgetary control and accounting control of the observatory, organize the operational and administrative processes to optimize compliance with productivity, performance indicators (KPI), and cost control, and advise and guide the planning management and budget control of the technical and administrative areas.

Lead the accounting team, maintain existing good practices, and develop, direct, and control accounting programs, policies, and procedures.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for monitoring the budgets and financial information of the Las Campanas Observatory.
  • Manage the budget preparation, execution, and coordination with the LCO and Carnegie Pasadena units and deliver reports required by the Director.
  • To be responsible for the supervision and control of the budget execution of Management and areas, requiring reports and data for budget consolidation.
  • Prepare financial reports and provide support to all LCO units, supervising compliance with legal and organizational accounting regulations.
  • Exercise functions of accounting, financial, and management Controller. To do this, design and manage LCO management control tools and indicators and ensure their maintenance and updating.
  • Promote and coordinate the planning of the budgetary needs of the observatory in general and of each area in particular.
  • Execute and/or supervise the recording of budget movements in the financial - accounting system (Netsuite) as well as in external auxiliary systems (Procurify, Go socket, among others).
  • Coordinate with the technical, mountain, and administrative areas, the preparation of the annual budget project to be presented to the Observatory Directorate.
  • Prepare proposals for instructions or manuals for the monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget management and control processes of the institutional budget according to definitions provided by the Observatory Directorate.
  • Assist or advise on budgetary matters to Management, Associate Management, technical and administrative areas.
  • To be responsible for the accounting function (money flow, accounting, payment of suppliers) and ensure the accurate record of monetary operations.
  • Guarantee and be responsible for the legal compliance of the payment of taxes and tax obligations, both labor and general.
  • Perform analysis of audits, accounting and financial reports, administrative processes and management reports, suggesting preventive and remedial measures.
  • Prepare and propose policies, standards, and procedures for administration and control for the recording of accounting and statistical information.
  • Control and coordinate the information requirements for the preparation of monthly and annual statistics.
  • Analyze regular or contingent situations of tax and accounting matters that affect the operation of LCO and define actions.
  • Analyze and prepare monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually the accounting and financial reports required by Carnegie and the Director.
  • Be responsible for coordinating monthly and annually the financial and accounting closings and openings.
  • Prepare internal audit reports for the director of the observatory in which they are alerted about anomalies or possible risks of budget management that require intervention and/or rectification.
  • Prepare reports on Management Control Audits and monitoring of compliance with the Goals of technical and administrative areas and of Management commitments and/or projects.
  • Identify the information needed for management control and budgetary control that allows for measurement and monitoring of the fulfillment of goals and programs of the Las Campanas Observatory areas.
  • Standardize and document the administrative management processes of the institution, designing instruments such as a process map and activity flows, among others.
  • Model a management control system that allows the visualization of the performance of the processes, which contributes to the effective and timely monitoring and permanent evaluation of the progress and fulfillment of the goals of each area and commitments of the observatory.
  • Support the areas in the development of KPIs that allow for the enhancement of the management of each area of ​​the observatory and also serve as the basis for the “goals” component of the Performance Evaluation Model of the Las Campanas observatory.
  • Propose, implement, and maintain periodic controls on the information registered in the accounting system and others to support the management of the Directorate, Associate Directorate, Administration & People Management, and Mountain Management.
  • Execute and/or review the accounting analyses, effort, and adjustments, determine balances, and prepare monthly, quarterly and annual accounting closing of the different accounts and Cost Centers.
  • Validate the issuance of periodic and annual accounting statements such as balance sheets, reports of balances, investments, cash or cash flow statements, reports, management reports, accounting operations, and other reports requested by the Director or Manager of Administration and People.
  • Check and give financial approval to the contracts to be signed by LCO in coordination with the Legal Advisor.
  • Approve payments made through P.O., credit cards, and contracts.



  • Management Control Engineer or equivalent.
  • Industrial Civil Engineer or equivalent.

Postgraduate degree or specialization (Not compulsory, but desirable):

  • Magister in Budget Control and Accounting.
  • MBA complemented with a Specialization or Diploma in Management Budget control/ audit and accounting control.


More than 5 years in areas of budget control management, accounting, and/or finance, in public or private organizations, ideal multinationals whose activities are related to research, education and development, innovation and technology, or with operational structures and/or processes similar to observatories. 

Specific technical knowledge:

  • Management of management control systems (Netsuite, SAP FI, SAP CO, etc.), budget control, accounting, and logistics.
  • Budget Management Control.
  • Accounting and financial management.
  • Chilean legal, accounting, general, and specific tax regulations. USA tax regulation will be a plus.
  • Management control.
  • Project planning, evaluation, and control.
  • Accounting and process audit.
  • Fluent in oral and written Spanish / English, since as an International Organization with Headquarters in the United States, primary interactions are in English).
  • Driver´s license “B”

Other Skills:


Communication skills; impact and influence.




Innovation and flexibility.

Internal customer orientation.

Cooperation and teamwork.


The Position reports to the Administration and People Manager on his/her regular issues. For management and budget control purposes, it depends in a matrix mode on the Director, constituting its advisory, control, and monitoring body and internal audit. Necessarily, interactions in English with Headquarters in the United States.

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