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MagIC Images Mars

Mars at close approach UT 28 August 2003

mars3.jpgThe image above is a colour composite of 3 narrowband (~100 Angstrom wide cometary continuum filters from the Hale-Bopp filter set isolating Blue, Green, and Red) images [composite by J.E.Thomas-Osip]. At this time, Mars subtended an angle of 25 arc seconds and was visual magnitude -2.9. The images were taken with MagIC on the Clay 6.5 meter telescope (the aperture for the telescope was stopped down by closing the mirror covers to less than about 1m opening and further closing both the dome wind screen and moon screen). Individual integrations were ~1 sec (Blue), ~0.5 sec (Green) and ~0.3 sec (Red).

Unfortunately, no active control of the primary mirror was maintained nor were the filters completely focused.

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