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How to write a DVD

(old methods... unreliable)

Fedora 1 (/etc/fedora-release)

  1. Insert a blank DVD-R into the drive.  (Do not use DVD+ media)
  2. Wait a minute.  If a Nautilus burner window (burn:///) comes up, close it.
  3. From the red fedora menu, bring up system tools->xcdroast
  4. Click on Create CD/DVD, then Master Tracks
  5. Select the directory with your data, and click on Add.
  6. Select Add to root and click on OK.
  7. Click on Create session/image and Master to image file
  8. After mastering is sucessful, click OK
  9. Click on Write tracks. Select the iso image, and click on Add.
  10. Click on Accept track layout.
  11. Select disk type 4.7GB, speed 2x, and click on Write tracks.
  12. Click on OK in the insert dialog box.
  13. After tracks are sucessfully written, the DVD will be ejected.  Click OK.
  14. Remove the DVD and close the drive.
  15. Click on Delete Tracks
  16. Click on Select all and then Delete selected tracks.
  17. Answer yes to the question dialog.
  18. After Delete succesful, click on OK.
  19. Click on Back to main menu, and then Exit.

Fedora 3 or greater (/etc/fedora-release)

  1. Insert a blank DVD-R into the drive.  (DVD+ media seems to work also)
  2. Wait a minute.  A Nautilus CD/DVD Creator window will come up.
  3. Double click on the desktop home directory icon to bring up the Nautilus
  4. graphical file manager.
  5. Drag and drop the data files and/or directories that you want to write
  6. from the file manager window into the creator window.
  7. Select "Write to Disc" from the creator window File menu.

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