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How to take pointing data

How to automatically take pointing data (UNTESTED)

Put probe1 in the center of the field.
Place the box of gcam1 at the center of rotation.
(Use probe/camera 3 for imacs.)
The box should be near the center of the camera field.
Set mm 3 and sh 1.  Make sure hartmannloop is running.

The operator should create a new directory for the pointing data.
mkdir ~/pointing/`date -u +%F`
cd ~/pointing/`date -u +%F`

Type "dopointingrun".
When this script finishes, copy the .tcfg file to a floppy.
On the floppy, rename it to tcfg.XX, picking a unique XX.
On the floppy, run "unix2dos" on the file.
Put the floppy into the MGTCS computer, and copy the file to the \TCS directory.

To check the pointing, select the new pointing model in MGTCS with the "tcfg" XX command.
In the same /pointing/`date -u +%F` directory, type chkpointingrun

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