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How to pan in gmap

Also, the new version will have a new feature requested by Dressler, to pan and zoom better.  This is in the "features" menu of the sky window, labeled "Pan center".  When it is not selected, everything operates as before.  When it is selected, the <center> button on the mouse will specify a new plot center position where it is clicked on the map.  The map is re-drawn centered on that position, which is marked by a blue cross, and a black cross is plotted at the current telescope center position.  When the zoom in and out is done, the plot center remains the same, and the view is zoomed relative to it.  The new star list of the zoomed view is obtained relative to the plot center rather than the telescope center, allowing fainter stars to be seen in the zoomed in view for example.  Finally, when the "Pan center" is de-selected in the features menu, the plot center is restored to be identical to the telescope center as before.  When not in "Pan center" mode, the center mouse button selects a star as before.  Since the telescope center does not change during the pan movements, selection of IMACS guiders is not affected by these plot center changes.
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