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How to lower the primary mirror without the GUI

If you want to lower the primary mirror, and for some reason you can't start the GUI, rlogin into the cell computer as user testcell, using the password that the instrument specialists have.
At the vxworks shell prompt, type


If for some reason you can't rlogin into the cell computer, connect a laptop with a dumb terminal emulator to the console serial port of the cell computer (red DB9 cable).  The serial port settings are: 9600 bps, 8 bits word, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. Then type the above command at the vxworks shell prompt.
You can reboot the cell computer by typing "reboot" at the vxworks shell prompt.

If you can't get the shell command to work, try turning off (or simulating the loss of) the AC power to the cell's UPS.

If that doesn't work, turn off the air to the cell, wait a minute and then reset the cell computer.

Every time you open an X window from the cell computer, memory is leaked and never recovered until you reboot, even if you close the windows.
If you open up enough windows enough times, you will eventually run out of memory.
This will prevent you from opening any more X windows.
It may even prevent an rlogin.
It should not prevent the normal support operation of the mirror, active optics, or the cell error window.

Therefore, the cell computer should be rebooted periodically.
In addition, the normal 1 window operator interface is preferred over the 5 window engineering interface, unless you really need to use the engineering interface, say to disable an actuator.

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