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How to do clardy centering in gmap

Clardy centering in gmap moves the telescope mount and rotator so as to center up both guide stars at the same time.  To do this:

  • Select your principal guider star and click P1 to move the probe there.
  • Select your Shack-Hartmann guider star and click P2 to move the probe there.
  • Now you must place the trackball cursor (#1) on the star for each camera.
  • You can try the automatic placement by using the PICK button in gmap (SH must be active in both cameras.)
  • You can also place the cursors manually or correct the automatic placement.
  • Once the trackball cursors are on the stars, click on the CENTER button in gmap.
  • The mount and rotator should move and the two guide stars should move to the center of the boxes.

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