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You are here: Home Telescopes Magellan Operations homepage step-by-step-procedures Setting up MagIC-SITE or MagIC-e2v

Setting up MagIC-SITE or MagIC-e2v

Changes needed to setup both instruments

Setting up MagIC-SITE:

1.- First of all make sure MagIC-e2v is exited from user's workstation.

1.-  Check that the ribbon cable is properly connected to

2.- Open an xterm and type in: ssh -X observer@magic-site. Password is the same as usual.
3.- Select Configure and so on.

4.- To kill the session do EXIT.

Setting up MagIC-e2v:

1.- Make sure  MagIC-site must be  exited from user's workstation.

2.- Check that the ribbon cable is connected to

3.- Whether a precise timing is required (Hard)check the time synchronism between PC104 and GPS. Make sure PC104 is on in the Instrument Room and
     in any xterm type in: telnet magic-backup 3112. Otherwise if the timing is not an issue (Soft) PC104 can keep off.

4.- Check with Q the current time. It can be compared with the  GPS or the  time  displayed  on your local machine.

5.- If not synchronized, on magic-e2v enter the command dtt hh mm and you will receive a long number like 1234567890. Enter S and this number on the
     xterm were you compared the synchronism. Hit return right at the time defined. Try several Q commands to check (hh mm is the time that you want to
     synchronize the clocks).

6.- Once time has been synchronized, open an xterm and type in : magice2v. This command starts LOUI panel.

7.- Open an xterm and type in: ssh -X observer@magic-e2v

8.- Once the access is granted type in same xterm: ./startlois &

9.- On LOUI's command editor enter: source loissetup.tcl. Used to link LOUI and LOIS. Check the scroll window.
      The final message is "Module Initialized". This means the filter wheels were initialized.

10.- If previous step did not work, power cycled the filter wheel's power supply,and try again.

11.- Try moving the top or bottom filter wheels to a different position to verify the correct functioning.

12.- Set Observer 's name and filliation. Click on OBSERVER INFO.

13.- Set Storage.  Till now only /tmp exists as disk storage area. Then  enter the directory name after this address. click on STORAGE CONTROL.

14.- Take some frames in as test and check the images are displayed in ds9.

15.- To kill the session do on LOUI's command editor: exit lois and click on Exit LOUI from the menu bar.
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