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/* UIO48.H

	Copyright 1996 by WinSystems Inc.

	Permission is hereby granted to the purchaser of the WinSystems
	UIO cards and CPU products incorporating the UIO device, to distribute
	any binary file or files compiled using this source code directly or
	in any work derived by the user from this file. In no case may the
	source code, original or derived from this file, be distributed to any
	third party except by explicit permission of WinSystems. This file is
	distributed on an "As-is" basis and no warranty as to performance,
	fitness of purposes, or any other warranty is expressed or implied.
	In no case shall WinSystems be liable for any direct or indirect loss
	or damage, real or consequential resulting from the usage of this
	source code. It is the user's sole responsibility to determine
	fitness for any considered purpose.
*	Name	: uio48.h
*	Project	: PCM-UIO48 Software Samples/Examples
*	Date	: October 30, 1996
*	Revision: 1.00
*	Author	: Steve Mottin
*	Changes :
*	Date		Revision	Description
*	________	________	______________________________________________
*	10/30/96	1.00		Created

#define RISING 1
#define FALLING 0

void init_io(unsigned io_address);
int read_bit(int bit_number);
void write_bit(int bit_number);
void set_bit(int bit_number);
void clr_bit(int bit_number);
void enab_int(int bit_number, int polarity);
void disab_int(int bit_number);
void clr_int(int bit_number);
int get_int(void);

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