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//  Last updated: 3/9/1999
//  Part of the source code for the M3 Program
//  Contains routines for locking and unlocking the ADC turret pin

// ADC Turret Pin Motions
#define ATPMStop 		0
#define ATPMLock 		1
#define ATPMUnlock	2
#define ATPMBoth 		3

// ADC Turret Pin Limits
#define ATPLNone 		0
#define ATPLLock 		1
#define ATPLUnlock  2
#define ATPLBoth 		3

// ADC Turret Pin Motion Steps
#define ATPSNoLimit 0
#define ATPSHitLimit 1

// CADCTurretPin - An object representing the ADC Turret Lock Pin
class CADCTurretPin {
	int Motion; 								// Lock Pin Motion Status
  int Moving;									// Flag, 1 if there's any motion
	int Limit;            			// Lock Pin Limit Status
	int MotionStep;							// Motion Flag: 1 after a limit is hit
	dword MotionTimer;					// Times lock/unlock motion
	dword MotionTimeout;				// Time in ms before a timeout is flagged
	dword LimitTimer;						// Times continued lock/unlock after hitting limit
	dword LimitTimeout;					// Time in ms to "hold" lock/unlock
	void Init();								// Initialize object
	void Update();							// Update all motion/status
	void DisplayAll();					// Display all status on-screen
	void DisplayMotion();				// Display motion status on-screen
	void DisplayLimit();				// Display limit status on-screen
	void Lock(int MotionOK);		// Start pin locking
	void Unlock(int MotionOK);	// Start pin unlocking
	void Stop();								// Halt lock pin motion
} ADCTurretPin;

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