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PANIC is a near-infrared (1-2.5 micron) imager built for the Magellan telescopes at the Carnegie Observatories. It is an all refractive, six element design that reimages Magellan's f/11 input beam to f/4.5 to create a 0.125'' pixel-1 scale at the 1024x1024 HgCdTe Hawaii array, corresponding to a 2x2 arcminute field of view. PANIC includes two filter wheels which have space for a total of ten filters. The current filter complement includes four broadband filters: Y, J, H, Ks, two narrowband filters: H2 and Br γ, and a set of medium-band H filters.


Figure 1: PANIC in the lab at OCIW

PANIC started service at a Nasmyth station of the Clay telescope (Magellan II) and it is currently installed on the East Nasmyth station of the Walter Baade telescope. It will eventually move to one of the folded ports of the Baade telescope. It is currently possible to observe with both PANIC and IMACS on a single night. Switching between these instruments takes approximately 15 minutes.

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