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Observation Macros


The bottom panel of the Camera-Control GUI includes the capability to run macros that obtain the same observation at several (slightly offset) telescope positions. These macros take the same exposure sequence at least position (exposure time and number of loops). The names of these macros describe the offset pattern, while the size of the offset between steps is a tuneable parameter. Click the Dither buttom at the bottom of the Camera-Control GUI to open the Dither-Macro Definition GUI.


Figure 9: Dither-Macro Definition GUI


Type in the Dither-Step window to set the size of the offset between each dither. A good value is at least five times the seeing FWHM. The Dither-Pattern pull-down menu lists the available dither patterns. The available dither macros are:



  • none-1: No dither, only one position observed.


  • dice-5: Five position dither pattern, as found on dice.


  • rot-5: Five position dither pattern in a counterclockwise, outward spiral.


  • square-9: Nine position dither on a 3x3 grid.


  • rot-9: As for rot-5 for a nine position dither.


  • random-11: Eleven random dither positions.



The integer in each macro name is the number of dither steps.


The Guider pull-down menu should be set to auto for guided offsets.


A dither sequence is initiated by clicking on the Execute button on the Camera-Control GUI.

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