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Multiple Endpoint Sampling

  • PANIC has several readout modes in addition to the standard double correlated sampling used in NIR detectors. The Readmode is set on the Camera Control GUI. The default readmode is Double, for double correlated sampling. Four, six, and eight endpoint sampling modes (Quadruple, Sextuple, Octuple) are also available.
  • The main advantage of additional sampling is a decrease in the readnoise. For nearly all applications, observations will be sky noise limited rather than readnoise limited, and therefore double correlated sampling is sufficient. The only exception might be the narrow band filters, which have significantly lower background. The disadvantage of additional sampling is the increased overhead for the multiple detector reads and a correspondingly longer minimum integration time.
  • For Double, Quadruple, Sextuple, Octuple endpoint sampling, the minimum exposure times are 3, 6, 9, and 12 seconds, respectively.
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