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Download and Installation

PANIC IRAF scripts

panic is an external IRAF package installed on the observer workstations and on DUKE. It is recommended that you run the scripts on the workstation at which you are sitting (Llama or Burro) rather than on DUKE. The panic package is then loaded when you type "panic" at the IRAF command prompt.

You are welcome to use the panic package at home as well and it should run on any computer with a recent (V2.11+) version of IRAF. It is available from the main PANIC website, Paul Martini's ftp site at OCIW:, and from his web page at the CfA: Download the file paniciraf.tgz and unpack it in your IRAF subdirectory with the command

  • %: tar xzvf paniciraf.tgz

This will create a subdirectory called panic. The README file in this subdirectory contains further installation instructions.


CSP PANIC pipeline

In addition, Chris Burns' CSP PANIC data reduction pipeline is available for use on Llama and Burro. To use this package, type "p_reduce" in your IRAF session. For documentation see either the above link, or, within IRAF, "cd panic_scripts" and look at the DATA_REDUCTION_STEPS and PIPELINE_STEPS readme files.

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