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Photometric Standards

  • Tables and finding charts for the near-infrared standards published by Persson et al. [1998 AJ, 116, 2475] are available on this web page.
  • During our commissioning run, we noted that most of these standard stars are too bright, particularly if the seeing is good. It is best to only attempt stars close to 12th magnitude. We are currently preparing a list of fainter standards for use with PANIC. The status of this project, as well as how to participate, are described on this web page.
  • Below we tabulate the flux measurements of Vega by Cohen et al. [1992 AJ, 104, 1650].




Filter Name Central Wavelength Filter Width Flux Flux N
  (um) (um) (W m-2 um-1) (Jy) (photons s-1 m-2 um-1)
J 1.215 0.26 3.31 x 10-9 1630 2.02 x 1010
H 1.654 0.29 1.15 x 10-9 1050 9.56 x 109
K 2.179 0.41 4.14 x 10-10 655 4.53 x 109
Ks 2.157 0.32 4.30 x 10-10 667 4.66 x 109



Note: This information was obtained from A.T.Tokunaga (1997) in Astrophysical Quantities, 4th Edition, editor A. Cox

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