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Current Instrument Configuration


Filter Wheel Population



Position Filter Wheel 1 FW1 Description Filter Wheel 2 FW2 Description
1 o1 Open Bg Br γ
2 h2 H2 op Open
3 HA medium-band H Ks K short
4 HB medium-band H Hc Carnegie H
5 HC medium-band H Jc Carnegie J
6 HD medium-band H Yc Carnegie Y

The current configuration of the two panic filter wheels. HA-HD are custom, medium-band filters within the H atmospheric window.


This configuration is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information please consult the Observations GUI on DEBONAIR . When using one of the filter wheels, remember to make sure that the other one is in an open position!


Caveat on narrowband filters: The filter wheels sit in a converging (f/4) beam, therefore the transmission of the narrowband filters will vary somewhat across the field and complicate differential flux calibration. This effect is completely negligible for the broadband filters.

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