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PANIC Observer's Manual


Paul Martini, Eric Persson

November 21, 2004





PANIC is a near-infrared (1-2.5 micron) imager built for the Magellan telescopes at the Carnegie Observatories. It is an all refractive, six element design that reimages Magellan's f/11 input beam to f/4.5 to create a 0.125'' pixel-1 scale at the 1024x1024 HgCdTe Hawaii array, corresponding to a 2x2 arcminute field of view. PANIC includes two filter wheels which have space for a total of ten filters. The current filter complement includes four broadband filters: Y, J, H, Ks and two narrowband filters: H2 and Br γ.


A PDF version is also available. More information can be found through the PANIC Online Documentation.

Warning: The contents of this document are likely to change.
It is advisable to check the web page before each observing run.


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