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PANIC was successfully commissioned on the Clay Telescope in April 2003. It is currently available on the East Nasmyth Platform of the Walter Baade Telescope.

PANIC (Persson's Auxilliary Nasmyth Infrared Camera) is a near-infrared camera designed to operate at one of the folded ports (formerly known as auxilliary nasmyth ports) of the 6.5m Magellan telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. PANIC contains a Rockwell 1024x1024 infrared (HAWAII) detector with 0.125 arcsecond pixels, corresponding to a 2x2 arcminute field of view. The current filters include four broadband filters: Y, J, H, Ks and two narrowband filters: H2 and Br γ.



Observer Information

Martini, P., Persson, S.E. Murphy, D.C., Birk, C., Shectman, S.A., Gunnels, S.M., and Koch, E. 2004, Proc. SPIE, 5492, 1653


Technical Information

Also available in pdf format [1Mb].

Other Information


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