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Visiting Observer

Visiting Observer Guide
Dear Visitor: Everyone is required to sign that he/she has read this section. Not everybody reads it and therefore we are frequently asked about matters carefully described in the main body. Particularly frustrating and time consuming is to have to register a visitor's computer (as explained in the page). See the index at the beginning, but also make an effort and read the page as well as the basic safety instructions. They are useful, after all. -Please remember that driving observatory vehicles is a privelage and requires that you have a valid license.-
Guidelines for Observers
The Magellan Telescopes are operated in a 100% "classical" mode where the visiting astronomer is physically present and responsible for data acquisition. The operations staff is not designed to provide significant support to visiting astronomers at night, so it is expected that observers will be experienced and self-sufficient. The following guidelines must therefore be strictly adhered to.
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