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3x3 Filters for CCD Imaging

Number Filter Tracing Comments
LC-3001 Washington C    
LC-3002 Washington M    
LC-3003 Washington T1    
LC-3004 Washington DDO51    
LC-3005 Washington T2   = I(Kron-Cousins)
LC-3006 ???    
LC-3007 U plot     text  
LC-3008 B(Harris)    
LC-3009 V(Harris) plot     text  
LC-3010 R(Harris) plot     text = R(Kron-Cousins)
LC-3011 I plot     text = RG9
LC-3012 U plot     text  
LC-3013 B(Harris) plot     text  
LC-3014 V(Harris) plot     text  
LC-3015 R(Harris) plot     text = R(Kron-Cousins)
LC-3016 I plot     text = RG9


For a more complete list of filters available at Las Campanas, click here. Note that most of these are too small to be used with large format CCDs, and some may be in poor or unknown condition.

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