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Instrument Description Specs Website Notes
CCD Direct CCD Camera yellow page page A
RetroCam HgCdTe IR Camera yellow page page B



. SITe#3 is currently available for direct imaging on the Swope 1-meter telescope. It is hoped that a new camera with a 4K x 4K x 15 micron pixel format will be available during 2002.

B. RetroCam is a near-IR imager built especially for the Carnegie Supernova Program, but which is generally available to users.  RetroCam employs a Rockwell Hawaii-1 HgCdTe 1024x1024 array. The focal plane scale is 0.54 arcsec/pixel, with a total field size of 9.2 arcmin square. A single filter wheel containing Y, J, and H filters is available.



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