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IMACS Staff and Contributors

Funding and Support

  • Kazuo Inamori, Kyocera International Inc.
  • Carnegie Institution of Washington
  • National Science Foundation (Long Camera)
  • University of Toronto, Canada (Short Camera)
  • University of Durham, UK (Integral Field Unit)

Project leadership

  • Alan Dressler, Principal Investigator
  • Bruce Bigelow, Project Manager and Lead Mechanical Engineer
  • Brian Sutin, Instrument Scientist

Conceptual Design

  • Steve Shectman
  • Alan Dressler
  • Harland Epps, UCO/Lick Observatory
  • Brian Sutin
  • Bruce Bigelow

Optical Engineering

  • Brian Sutin

Mechanical Engineering

  • Bruce Bigelow
  • Tyson Hare
  • Steve Gunnels, Paragon Engineering, Tehachapi, CA
  • Gerry Luppino, GL Scientific, Honolulu, HI
  • Alan Schier, J.A. Schier and Co., La Crescenta, CA
  • Tim Bond (now at IfA, U. Hawaii)

Detector System Engineering

  • Greg Burley
  • Ian Thomson
  • Gerry Luppino, GL Scientific
  • Alan Bagish

Software Engineering

  • Christoph Birk, OCIW
  • Greg Bredthauer, Consultant
  • Ken Clardy, OCIW

Electronic Engineering

  • Alan Bagish
  • Dave Carr
  • Jorge Estrada
  • Joe Asa

Mechanical Fabrication

  • Robert Storts
  • Vincent Kowal
  • Jerson Castillo
  • Richard Guerrero (consult.)


  • Richard Cleary
  • Julie Meyers (consult.)
  • Mary Poteete, Pacific Jet Services

Administrative Support

  • Jeanette Stone, purchasing
  • Sharon Kelly, purchasing

Outside Sources contributing:

Optical Materials

  • Ohara Corp. (optical glasses)
  • Corning/Optovac (CaF2)
  • Dynasil (fused silica)
  • Corning Glass Works (fused silica)
  • Schott Glassworks (CaF2)

Optical Coatings

  • Cleveland Crystals Inc. (field lens Sol-Gel coating)
  • Newport Thin Films Lab (collimator AR coatings)
  • Spectrum Thin Films Lab (collimator, camera AR coatings)

Optics Fabrication

  • Brashears LP (field lens)
  • Custom Scientific (filters, imaging mirrors)
  • Harold Johnson Optical Labs (grisms)
  • Thermo/RGL (gratings, grisms)
  • Tucson Optical Research Corp. (collim., long cam., short cam. spherical optics)
  • Tinsley Labs (short camera aspheres)

CCD Detectors

  • SITe CCDs (8), thinned, backside illuminated, 2K X 4K, 15-micron pixels

Guide Cameras

  • Canon Lens U.S.A. optics
  • EEV CCD-47, frame-transfer, 1K X 2K, 13 micron pixels

Material Testing

  • Orange County Material Test Laboratories, Anaheim, Ca

Sub-systems, Fabrication and Finishing

  • Ace Metal Spinning, Los Angeles, Ca (slit mask prototypes)
  • Advanced Recording Technologies, Escondido, Ca (laser cutting development)
  • BNL Precision Machining, Inc., Westlake Village, Ca (collimator test cell)
  • California Hydroforming, City of Industry, Ca (slit masks)
  • CNC Industries, Chino, Ca. (mask server parts)
  • Composite Horizons, Covina, Ca (slit mask materials)
  • ConvergentPrima, Sturbridge, Ma (slit mask cutting laser system)
  • Danco Machine, Santa Clara, Ca, (collimator barrel)
  • J.S. Foster Corp., Saanichton, B.C. Canada (filter server parts)
  • Kinetic Composites, Oceanside, Ca (slit mask materials, optical baffles)
  • Laserod, Gardena, Ca, (laser cutting development)
  • Martinez and Turek, Rialto, Ca. (opto-mechanics, structures)
  • Monitor Plating, Pasadena, Ca. (anodizing)
  • Precision Plastics Corp., Mountain View, CA (baffle spacers)
  • Rettig Machine, Redlands, Ca (mask server, carriage, misc.)












































Sincere apologies to anyone left unmentioned. This list is intended to be complete, so if you detect anyone missing, please update us!


Updated on Tuesday, May 27, 2003


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